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Thomas Watson Jr.

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Proaspisi means defence, that is why a team of specialized intellectual and industrial property consultants, will help you choose the right tm to promote your business.


By studying your case individually and taking into account the specificity and uniqueness of each business, we offer you a service that combines correct targeting, professionalism and efficiency.

We’re proud to provide you  a personalized service and maintain a close ip agent -specialist  relationship with each and every client. Because your intellectual property is your most valuable asset, that is why we provide a complete set of ip and techical  knowledge, marketing, branding, competitive analysis, and corporate business experience.

Proaspisi can develop for you the most appropriate intellectual property strategy for your business. That is why, we have a well-earned  collaboration with strong Ip boutiques and law firms in Europe and not only !

Patent Services, Trademark, Copyright, Technology Expertise, Customs Applications see more here

 Greece, Cyprus, France, Malta, UAE, Turkey and soon also in New York & Australia!!

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